Divine Passion, Rain Water – Caiseal Mor – AudioBook CD

Divine Passion – Rain Water by Caiseal Mor Unabridged 1CD Audio Book Set Get other Meditation CDs click here Divine Passion Rain Water – by Caiseal Mor – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CDs – 1 hour): Music for Meditation Creative Trance and Lucid Dreaming. About Divine Passion – Rain Water Rain Water the first in the Divine Passion series of five elemental-themed albums is unlike any other meditation CD you may have encountered in the past. The music has been created to open doorways to the Otherworld of your imagination. Incorporating an eclectic range on instruments including flutes Celtic harp violins and drums with chanting and haunting vocals these tracks will take your imagination on a magical journey. About Caiseal Mor Caiseal Mor is an internationally renowned best-selling author and composer whose music has been described as epic cinematic and spiritually uplifting. He challenges conventions and blends influences with confidence. Caiseal considers himself a musical heretic. Divine Passion Rain Water – by Caiseal Mor – Audio Book CD click here…..

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