Feliz Navidad by Judy Mahoney AudioBook CD

Feliz Navidad by Judy MahoneyGet other Childrens songs and music hereGet other Childrens Foreign Language AudioBooks hereThis title is suitable for ages 2 to 12 years. It features 21 songs including: Silent Night Joy To The World La Marimorena and many more favorites. Lyrics are also included.Audio books are a desirable way for kids to delight in tales regardless they are decent readers or just like a story read to them. Your children can hear audiobooks in all sorts of locations. A young child can listen to an audio book on a long drive. You can listen to an audiobook in CD format on a CD player or convert it to mp3 format and listen on an ipod we have helpful information on how to convert your CDs into an mp3 audio book here so you can play them on an ipod rockbox sony or similar mp3 playerFeliz Navidad by Judy Mahoney click here

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