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Lonely Planet Hebrew Phrasebook 3500 word dictionary Get Other Hebrew Language Learning Audio and Books click here Lonely Planet Hebrew Phrasebook paperback 140grams Israelis love to chat so dont be surprised – or caught out – if a total stranger starts up a heated discussion while you wait at a bus stop or felafel stand. An ancient language Hebrew is the lingua franca of this most cosmopolitan of countries. Whether on a working holiday or on pilgrimage to the Holy Land this book is an essential companion into the fascinating life of Israel. * guide to festivals religious events * discuss sport religion politics * easy-to-use transliterations alongside Hebrew script * special sections for business visiting families tracing ancestors About Modern Hebrew In the Modern Period from the 19th century onward the literary Hebrew tradition as pronounced in Jerusalem revived as the spoken language of modern Israel called variously Israeli Hebrew Modern Israeli Hebrew Modern Hebrew New Hebrew Israeli Standard Hebrew Standard Hebrew and so on. Israeli Hebrew exhibits many features of Sephardic Hebrew from its local Jerusalemite tradition but adapts it with numerous neologisms borrows (often technical) terms from European languages and adopted (often colloquial) terms from Palestinian Arabic. The literary and narrative use of Hebrew was revived beginning with the Haskalah (Enlightenment) movement of the mid-19th century with the publication of several Eastern European Hebrew-language newspapers (e.g. HaMagid founded in Lyck Prussia in 1856). Prominent poets were Chaim Nachman Bialik and Shaul Tchernichovsky; there were also novels written in the language. The revival of Hebrew language as a mother tongue was initiated by the efforts of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1858-1922) ( #1488; #1500; more here…..

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Crux Ansata – Project Gutenberg Australia INTRODUCTION. Written at the height of WW2, Crux Ansata (Latin: “The Cross with a handle”) is an uncomprimising attack on Roman Catholicism and Pope Pius XII.

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