Instant Immersion Hawaiian 8 Audio CDs NEW

New Page 10Millions of peopleworldwide have discovered the value of Instant Immersion the most effectiveprogram available for learning to speak a foreign language quickly. Based on thehighly effective Euro Method (an intuitive approach that surrounds you withnative speakers and a new culture) Instant Immersion Hawaiian providesauthentic dialogue and traditional settings that immerse you in the Hawaiianlanguage and lifestyle. Written and developed by university professors andlinguists each lesson in this 8-CD suite utilizes the same learning methods andretention techniques used in university-level programs. The lesson plan isdesigned to build a solid foundation of vocabulary terms and fundamentals allof which are reinforced throughout subsequent lessons. Youll move quickly frombasic to intermediate speaking levels with easy-to-follow activitieshighlighting pronunciation vocabulary grammar sentence formation andlistening. Additionally the cultural notes provide an inside glimpse ofHawaiian customs island-by-island and introduce appropriate etiquette forvarious situations. For business or pleasure youll quickly learn toconfidently speak Hawaiian with Instant Immersion. The fastest most intuitive way to learn Hawaiian The most widely used method in the world! Written and Developed by University Language Experts! Learn the same way you learned your native language Suitable for all ages child through adult Move from beginner level to intermediate level step-by-step Ideal for business travel school and home Designed to replicateeveryday situations youll experience in Hawaii the Instant ImmersionHawaiian course fully prepares you for interaction among native Hawaiianspeakers. Developed by university professors and linguistic experts thisthorough curriculum moves you from beginn details

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